Ivy League Schools Are Overrated. Send Your Kids Elsewhere.#

New Jersey school bans trans girl from school unless she dresses as a boy.#

Trayvon Martin’s Mom: ‘If They Refuse to Hear Us, We Will Make Them Feel Us’#

Georgia County Won't Pay Medical Bills for Toddler Critically Injured by Flash Bang Grenade During Drug Raid#

Rikers Teen Inmate Dies in Agony After Officials Ignore Torn Artery for Months - Hit & Run : Reason.com.#

New blog post: Workflowy vs. Fargo#

How Media Passivity Is Service Journalism for the Powerful.#

New blog post: Customize Your River4 Home Page to Send Links to Instapaper.#

Confidence Game : Columbia Journalism Review.
Author takes on Shirky, Jarvis, Rosen -- the "Future of News" thinkers.#

America Is Not For Black People.
There are reasons why white gun's rights activists can walk into a Chipotle restaurant with assault rifles and be seen as gauche nuisances while unarmed black men are killed for reaching for their wallets or cell phones, or carrying children's toys.#

Eve wasn't invited: Integrating women into the Apple community.#

Amway Journalism.
Businesses thrive by becoming popular. Journalists piss people off every day in order to sleep well at night — they are (or should be) engaged in an unpopularity contest. Businesses win by exploiting conflicts of interest. Journalists win by exposing them. #

Scarlett Johansson's Subversive Vanishing Act - The Atlantic.
Interesting analysis.#

What Is Privacy? by danah boyd
As a result of the destabilization of social spaces, what’s shocking is how frequently teens have shifted from trying to restrict access to content to trying to restrict access to meaning.
When powerful actors, be they companies or governmental agencies, use the excuse of something being “public” to defend their right to look, they systematically assert control over people in a way that fundamentally disenfranchises them. #

We Tortured. It Was Wrong. Never Mind. « The Dish.#

Doc Searls Weblog · Snow on the Water.
... the Web is becoming more of a live performance venue, and less of a digital library where published works are shared and stored in easily found ways.#

Unprepared - Matt Gemmell.
Insightful essay about growing up.#

What Is Public?
This post by Anil Dash is one of the most thoughtful and important essays I have read in a long time. A must read for absolutely everyone.#

New blog post: OPML-WordPress Plugin Now Supports Emoji. :neutral_face:#

This is an emoji test: :two_hearts:#

Comcast Demands An Explanation Before Agreeing To Cancel Your Account#

No skin thick enough: The daily harassment of women in the game industry.#

Cards Against Harassment FAQ#

Jezebel on Cards Against Harassment#

‘The Powerpuff Girls’ Reboot Premiering on Cartoon Network in 2016.#

A Convicted Hacker and an Internet Icon Join Forces to Thwart NSA Spying.
The former owner of Lavabit is building DarkMail, which protects metadata from the NSA.#

Capital New York on the New Yorker Site Relaunch#

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