“Noah”: Aronofsky’s deranged biblical action flick - Salon.com.#

Recently realized I've watched every Darren Arnofsky feature film (even The Fountain), so I guess I _have_ to see Noah.#

The cost of living over the last year has increased by 1.1%, if you don't include aches and pains. #

Today's background image is the city of my birth. #

Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”: Explaining the hit using music theory.
I learned this song by ear on the piano a couple of years ago, and the author is right on, although I had never really thought about the fact that the chorus focuses on the tonic and that there is never resolution towards the I chord.#


Just learned at the doctor's that I lost ten pounds since I was last there in the fall. Yay!#

After you've clicked on the Fargo bookmarklet, you can choose this script to post the entry to Twitter as well.#

Visit the Fargo scripting page in the docs to learn how to install this script, or watch this video.#


If only we could run scripts on people.#

A rendering of this Link Blog using my OPML to PHP WordPress Plugin.
Although the links work, the plugin doesn't "parse" the brackets or the #glossary terms, so the link entries are not terribly readable. #

This Is the Worst GIF Ever
If I were epileptic, this would induce a seizure. I feel angry just looking at it. #

What I Want to Know Is Why You Hate Porn Stars by Conner Habib - Seattle Features - The Stranger, Seattle's Only Newspaper.
This was a touching (ahem, emotionally) essay.#

Why Movie Streaming Sites So Fail to Satisfy.#


Make sure to highlight the date, as that's where the attribute goes.#

Visit the Fargo scripting page in the docs to learn how to install this script, or watch this video.#


Now that people are creating note-/link-blogs on smallpict.com, I can easily follow them from within Fargo by just choosing the "Open by name..." menu item under "File." I just have to enter the subdomain. #

For example, to subscribe to me in Fargo, just enter "links" (because my domain is links.smallpict.com).#

8-year-old girl removed from school because she isn't feminine enough - The Week.
"This Is Terrible" Indeed.#

Don’t knock Gwyneth’s “uncoupling” - Salon.com.
As Sophie Heawood beautifully wrote Thursday in Vice,”Falling out with the person with whom you created children is a heartbreak that I can’t even describe. You can’t drink it away or find someone else so that it doesn’t matter any more. It will always matter.” So no snark today. #

Stop Bothering Lauren Graham About a 'Gilmore Girls' Movie - The Wire.#

Although not being able to drink even one cup of coffee today without feeling janky is a good sign (I'm well-rested?), I still miss it.#

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West deserve the cover of Vogue — sorry, haters (and James Franco) - Salon.com.#

Silicon's Valley's Brutal Ageism.#

I rarely felt transfixed, and was often aware that I was watching a movie. At one point, I was asking myself, "Am I watching a bad movie?"#

I created a first-order headline called #glossary, and added |comment| as a child headline. Then I made the following a child headline of |comment|: <br><i class="fa fa-comment-o"></i>#

After I click on the Fargo bookmarklet to add a link to my noteblog, I put brackets around either a part or all of the headline. (If I want to insert my comment after a link, I have to put brackets around it regardless.) I immediately follow the headline with |comment| and then I write my comment.#

Here is my opml file if you want to view it, or just open "links" by name in Fargo.#

The era of Facebook is an anomaly.
Awesome. I so want to read dana boyd's new book.#

Going Home Again.
I'm not a fan of David Brooks but this is a good article about Sting digging into his past to stir his creativity.#

Magnification (album) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
I can't believe I completely missed this Yes album. Haven't even heard most of it, but Don't Go has already got me hooked.#

Is an Ivy League degree antiquated? - The Week.
I think these diplomas are only necessary if you want access to the top tiers of law, medicine or finance. (I should qualify that I graduated from Cornell.)#

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