I created a first-order headline called #glossary, and added |comment| as a child headline. Then I made the following a child headline of |comment|: <br><i class="fa fa-comment-o"></i>#

After I click on the Fargo bookmarklet to add a link to my noteblog, I put brackets around either a part or all of the headline. (If I want to insert my comment after a link, I have to put brackets around it regardless.) I immediately follow the headline with |comment| and then I write my comment.#

Here is my opml file if you want to view it, or just open "links" by name in Fargo.#

The era of Facebook is an anomaly.
Awesome. I so want to read dana boyd's new book.#

Going Home Again.
I'm not a fan of David Brooks but this is a good article about Sting digging into his past to stir his creativity.#

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